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Every site is as unique as each of Supermoon's clients. Being yourself is the simplest and strongest way to project your special qualities that attract your clients. Custom design allows you to think outside the box-template and specialize in interaction with the people who make up your target market.

Supermoon strives to present each client's web home in a way that is comfortable and inviting to negotiate and that projects a clearly directed path to their goals by engaging their phone, tablet, laptop, and pc visitors.

Mr. Beauty Skincare | Salida, Colorado

The site was recently updated with a touch telephone link and a Google map linked to the physical address of the salon, creating an effortless path to making an appointment and finding the salon's location. In one click, the visitor accesses beautiful skin and a full line of salon services including waxing, consultations, and make-up application for videos, television, and films by make-up artist and Licensed Esthetician, Peter C. Mossman. Go see Mr. Beauty Skincare at

The Expanding Content Menu at organizes Information, Books, and appointments in a widget.

Lake San Cristobal Lodge

The lodge has a site that brings the viewer to its wild and remote location and leads its adventurous audience to a friendly and simple one click phone call to this 2 unit, lake side cabin's owner, care taker, tour guide, and host, Doug Sanderson.

Doug takes extraordinary photos of some rarely sighted animals who reside in this breathtaking locale above 9,000 ft altitude in the Colorado Rockies. A slideshow on each page gives the viewer a preview of the many things to see and do when you plan an adventure to the lodge. His site projects this pristine, natural location on the shore of Lake San Cristobal in Lake City that is surrounded by 360 degree Rocky Mountain views. Lake San Cristobal Lodge is naturally a spectacular place to visit - on the web, and especially, in person.

Polaroids tell the story in this slider for Lake San Cristobal Lodge.

[Click here] to see a fun piece promoting the lodge that includes some spectacular photos.

Bellisanna's Blog & Pagan Realms Online Spiritual Supply Shop

This is a custom site by Supermoon which contains a Pagan / Wiccan blog that creates a targeted in-road to the blogger's online retail shop. The web store style was customized and the products were tagged and listed by Supermoon.

As the author of paranormal mystery novels [DUE Series] as well as volumes of informational articles on the subject of mystical arts, this client requires a search pane for her works. [see Bellisanna's Blog Search]

Under the pseudonym of Bellisanna, Sandi Brackeen has organically woven her quest for knowledge and her interests in the oldest religions and customs into this page where her historical fantasy fueled audience can ride along with this writer's journey through ancient practices of the past and see the first glimpses of her creative passion - writing mystery novels.


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[See Bloom]
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Click on the photos to see them enlarge and present more choices within each photo. This one is a lot of fun.

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